Jattra Ventures:

Our mission is to generate profitable, market-driven ventures in the "green" technology sector. We provide venture development and technology commercialization services that enable promising early stage green technologies and ventures to become systematized, profitable, and attractive to investors.

Jattra was founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs, management consultants and technology development specialists. Our core team combines venture development and technology commercialization skills with experienced insight into the market challenges facing green tech enterprises.

If you have a technology that will make the world a greener place, or want to put your business acumen or capital to work for a safer, saner future, we want to hear from you.

"We take green tech companies from 0 to 60."

News Briefs

Jattra Ventures launches SunEthanol

SunEthanol is commercializing a breakthrough discovery with the potential to enable ethanol manufacturers to produce ethanol from biomass (plant life) in a simple and cost-effective manner, thereby reducing our nation's dependence on fossil fuels while helping to address the problem of global warming...»Visit site

Jattra Is:

  • An intellectual property, start-up and commercialization specialist (from lab to market)
  • A conduit for venture capital and investment capital
  • A project management and systems expert
  • A management team builder
  • A product development innovator
  • A marketing strategist
  • A green technology hub

What Does Jattra Mean? "Jattra" is a Bengali word meaning a "journey" or "the way forward."